Journaling with Words and Images: Validation


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Definition of VALIDATE

transitive verb Merriam Webster Dictionary

2 a : to support or corroborate on a sound or authoritative basis

b : to recognize, establish, or illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy of

Journaling and scrapbooking are excellent ways to validate your life choices, thoughts and actions.

What better way to recognize, establish or illustrate your own worthiness or legitimacy than by reflecting on your life and documenting through words and images those things you want to remember or share?

While that question is written rhetorically, of course many people also seek or receive validation from outside forces, including comments from family and friends, awards and certificates, promotions and bonuses, acquaintances clicking “like” on Facebook, and anything else that marks an accomplishment, effort, skill or quality.


“Validation” is an award-winning short film and fable about the magic of free parking. Starring TJ Thyne & Vicki Davis. Writer/Director/Composer – Kurt Kuenne.

While you are watching the film, think about instances in your own life when you have been validated or have had the opportunity to validate others. Write about these reflections.

The messages stated in the short film are “Free compliments” and “I just love to see people smile” What message will you take away from the film? Did the compliments seem sincere in the film?

Writing exercise

What do you love most about each member of your family? About each of your friends? How do you let people know what you love or appreciate about them?

What do you love most about yourself? List at least 25 things you love about yourself.

Brainstorming exercise

How do we find the inspiration to validate others? How do they benefit? What do we get in return?

You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important (Aibileen speaking to Mae Mobley, from the film The Help, based on the book by Kathryn Stockett)

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