2012 Edible Book Festival Results!

And the winners are…

Best in Show:

"Titanic" by Brian Adams









1st Runner-up:

"The Walking Dead" by Kelli Smith










Best Play on Words:

"Lonesome Dove" by Autumn Friedli










Most Likely to be Devoured:

"Lego Ideas" by Henry Herreman










Congratulations to the winners! You can see all the 2012 edible book entries on our Flickr page.

Thank you to all of our edible book artists, visitors, and voters. It’s audience participation that makes this event so much fun.

Also, a special thank you to Chef Mike Davis for his Thai Fruit Carving demonstration. If you didn’t get a chance to see him in action, check out this video taken by Jaime Meyers.

Want to participate next year? Mark your calendars for the 2013 Edible Book Festival on Friday, April 5, 2013.

Brea Black is the Art Librarian and Book Arts Curator in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery. Her favorite thing is to share the wonderful world of artists' books with the community. She also leads the Arts & Crafts team and teaches workshops on bookmaking, altered books, and a variety of crafty topics.

3 thoughts on “2012 Edible Book Festival Results!

  1. My kids LOVED edible books this year — I think this is the first time that my 3 year old really “got it” — by far the one they kept talking about later was “Cows in the Corn.” A quite literal interpretation seemed to appeal to them best — even though their own entry “Swimmy” was more of a translation of the image from a picture book into really big cakes. THANK YOU for a fabulous event and a fun family-friendly Friday evening at the library!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s a lot of fun for the staff involved with it too.
    It’s never too early to start thinking about next year…

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