Welcome to our Ocean World!

This month we will have adventures on the high seas as well as under them. Join us as you create your own underwater stories and adventures.

Each week we will have different stories and activities you for to join in. Don’t worry if you miss a week, you can find all the underwater fun right here at the end of each week.

Hold on tight while we begin our watery adventures.

Ocean Inspired Art

Many artists and authors have been inspired by the deep blue sea. Here are a few pieces from our art collection.



My Summer at Sea

I am excited to go sailing at sea for my summer vacation.


Ocean Quest 2: Art Libs

Create your own special Art Lib based on an original work of art.

Arts and Crafts

Ocean Quest 3: Arts, Crafts & More

Build a your own ocean and play a new outside game.

Create Your Own Adventure

Top City Reads Together this summer

Read about the adventures of a woman pirate and the ocean’s largest & most intelligent resident.

Dive into the summer art exhibit for children

Explore the ocean creatures & environments in Oceans of Possibilities exhibit June 4 – Aug 21, 2022.

Ocean Quest 4: Create Your Own Story

We have been sharing stories, art and adventure with you all month, now it’s time for you to create your own adventure.

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