Santa Rosa Mountains
Welcome to our Mountain World!

So far, this summer has taken us under the ocean to save a Mer-city, we made friends with a Dragon and saved Sabatini Castle, and now we are at the base of a huge Mountain. We heard about an awesome and powerful treasure hidden inside this Mountain.

Now, if we could only find a way to the top! Are you ready to take on this new quest?

Make sure you’re really ready, because you never know what surprises this mountain might have waiting for us.

Mountain Inspired Art

Many artists and authors have been inspired by the mountains and forests. Here are a few pieces from our art collection.


Mountain Quest 1: Treacherous Terrain

Start your mountain adventure by exploring the landscape and making a troll in a cave.


Mountain Quest 2: The Mysterious Mountain

Create your very own special Art Lib based on an original work of art from Alice C. Sabatini Gallery’s collection.

Arts and Crafts

Mountain Quest 3: Volcanoes

Make your own volcano and discover how real volcanoes erupt.

Create Your Own Adventure

Lost in the Stacks: Finding treasure at the third pole

Get ready for a high-altitude adventure you won’t want to miss!

Mountain Quest 4: Create Your Own Adventure

We have been sharing stories and art with you all month, now it’s time for you to create your own adventure.

Book Lists