Your Invitation to the Buy a Book Club


We need more books than the library can afford to buy. Joining our Buy a Book Club replenishes our bookshelves and promotes self-directed learning in your community. Donate now.

Your membership makes a difference where it’s needed most. By believing in the value of a great public library, your gift allows the library to purchase new books to keep its offerings current, relevant and available to everyone.

Book Club LevelsBeing a member is something you’ll be proud of – providing more best sellers, more books for children and more eBooks to download. Your gift of at least $35 will put a book in the hand of a child. Join the Buy a Book Club today.

Your gift to The Library Foundation benefits the entire community and helps the library grow the next generation of readers.

Now more than ever, our customers rely on the public library for more than just books. They come to the library for homework help, job hunting assistance and quality family time. Private gifts provide the level of resources necessary to ensure a quality library experience for everyone. Making an investment in your library is a critical part of supporting the library’s mission: Your place. Stories you want, information you need, connections you seek.

Thank you.


  • We keep people connected to reading and learning throughout their lifetimes.
  • We are committed to providing opportunities so that every child is ready to read by the time they start school.
  • We provide transformational experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Our library is an important community partner.
  • We help celebrate and preserve Topeka’s cultural and artistic heritage.
  • We ensure that everyone has computer and Internet access at the library.

Call Gwen or Kathy for more information about The Library Foundation, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization. 785-580-4498


Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.

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