Topeka Gives, a Fun Way to Support Your Library

TCF Topeka Gives logo finalWednesday, June 19, 2013 | 7am–6pm | inside Fairlawn Plaza Mall, 21st and Fairlawn

The Topeka Community Foundation will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a one-day fundraising event and will provide $30,000 in “match money” to be awarded proportionally to participating organizations. The Library Foundation will receive 100 percent of the donations made at the June 19 event, plus a percentage based on participation. All donations are tax deductible. Come by and visit with The Library Foundation staff about how your dollars are invested at the library. This is also a good opportunity to learn more about the Topeka Community Foundation’s work.

How You Can Give a Gift to the Library

  • All gifts received will be matched on a proportional basis: $30,000 divided by the total gifts received equals the match percentage
  • Only those contributions made at the Topeka Gives event will be available for matching dollars. Gifts made online will not qualify for matching funds.
  • Donations must be made in person at the Topeka Gives event.
  • Donations may be made by using cash, check or credit card.
  • Minimum gift is $25; maximum gift is $1,000.

If you have questions, call The Library Foundation at 785-580-4498. Watch the Topeka Gives PSA below.

Topeka Gives :10 from Ryan Bishop on Vimeo.


Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.