Teens to Learn about Robots, Explore "Ancient" Technology

Technology Throughout the Ages, March 13 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm, gives teens access to old technology like transistor radios and adding machines. Teens and librarians analyze why some of these devices failed and examine the progression of technology. After looking at inventions from the past, teens can speculate what techie toys will come next.

Teens can put together their own amazing little invention and discover how robotics work at the Electronic Inventions program March 14 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. They will combine electronic parts from a Littlebits kit to build miniature robot-like objects and circuit boards which light up. Check out this video for a preview:

“The focus this year is introducing tech-savvy teens to old technology,” said Jean Marshall, Youth Services Specialist. “Teens will be able to get their hands on old technology that they may have never seen before and experience it.”

Teen Tech Week, March 10–16, is a national, annual event that promotes the use of technology, tools and services for teen library users. Read teen-specific blog posts this week and all year round on our Teen web page.

The library’s youth services staff is committed to serving this energy-filled demographic all year round, with two areas in the library, David J’s and The Edge, and programs that include everything from Open-Mic Night to how to cook for yourself. The library’s Oveson-Campbell Homework Center offers time dedicated to teen students.