Summerfest's Creatures of the Night Party

Admit it. You’ve been waiting for an excuse to dress up as a zombie, or a vampire or some other midnight-lurker. And that’s why we’re having this party: to satisfy your secret cravings. Well, some of them, maybe.

Come to the party and you’ll enjoy spooky sports, gross-out foods, and zombie makeup. Then pose for a picture.

Join us for the party on July 23rd from 2-3 pm in Marvin.

Other fun Summer events include:

June 25: Glow Science. Marvin. 2-3 pm

July 2: Dark Chocolate Delight. Marvin. 2-3 pm

July 9: Glow Science. Marvin. 2-3 pm

July 16: Own the Night: Learn Self Defense. Marvin 2-3 pm

See you there!