Something to Do on Saturdays with the Kids

Starting in February, Saturday mornings at the library will offer a little different experience for children. We are revamping our Saturday morning kids programming line-up, but there will still be plenty of fun to be had! Bring the kiddos into the library for programs ranging from Kyler, our guitar-playing librarian, to math and science experiments. (The kids will be having so much fun, they’ll forget they’re learning.) There’s always something going on at 10am on Saturdays at the library.

All ages are welcome to come to these revamped Saturday morning programs, but we’ve suggested age ranges for your family’s convenience.

New Line-up:
1st Saturday  |  Math and Science Exploration, Age: 5-10
Stand back! Experiments are underway. We have the whole wacky world to learn about. Bring a
grown-up and be prepared to discover, learn and get dirty.
2nd Saturday  |  Sing, Dance and Read with Kyler, Age: 2-5
Clap, jump, dance and sing with Kyler! Stories and songs that are sure to wake you up and get you
movin’ and groovin’!
3rd Saturday  |   Stories and Art, Age: 3-8
All you need is a fun-loving grown-up, a curious kid and “okay-to-get-messy” shirts. Share a story
or two, encourage creativity and make memories with your child.
4th Saturday  |   Sing, Dance and Read with Kyler, Age: 2-5
It’s a return of your favorite guitar-playing librarian Kyler! He shares stories and songs for you and
your child to enjoy together. Put on those dance shoes and get into the library.
5th Saturday   |  People in the Neighborhood, Age: 3-8
When there is a fifth Saturday of the month, we’ll feature People in the Neighborhood. Different
businesses and organizations dedicated to building community will inform you about their roles in
our community and give kids something to do, whether it’s meet a furry friend from Petland or “stop, drop
and roll” with a local firefighter.

And remember our Millennium Cafe is open on Saturday morning, if you need a little pick-me-up before the event begins.


Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.

5 thoughts on “Something to Do on Saturdays with the Kids

  1. My kids (2 and 4) love coming to the library on Saturday mornings! If we are running early, which is rare, we go to the cafe first. Usually, we go to the cafe after and share either a pumpkin muffin or a chocolate chip scone. It makes a fun family outing, especially if we visit the aquarium, play at the house, walk through the Sabatini Gallery, and sit and read books on the dog bench. I just saw on a friend’s Facebook page this cool list of 25 things to do in the library with kids and I can’t wait to try some of them with my kids —

  2. Where (as in what room) will the events take place on Weeks 1, 3, and 5?
    We also enjoy coming to the library on Saturdays. We are devoted regulars on “Kyler weeks” and are looking forward to the new programs.

  3. Hi. Thanks for your comment! Saturday morning programming is held in the Story Zone, which is right by the windows in the Kids Library. In the event, there’s a change of venue, you can always ask at the Kids Library desk or double check in the Library newspaper, which can be found in racks outside the Kids Library.

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