Meet local authors that write for kids

Here are some of the authors you can meet and purchase books from on December 8 – 3-5:00 pm. Many of these local authors also have more than one title available. Shop local, get your gift personalized and wrapped for free.

Ken Berry
Happy the Unhappy Horse
The story of a happy-go-lucky horse who can’t run like his friends. He is give hope by a mystery man with some unusual ideas





 Alice Bertels
John Steuart Curry: The Road Home
Turn the pages as the author tells of John Steuart Curry’s life, using his beautiful paintings to illustrate his rural upbringing and adult career.





Roy Bird
Hark! I Hear a Meadowlark!
And the meadowlark hears me.” Follow along as two small children discover numerous Kansas symbols using all five senses. It is sure to be a favorite for generations to come!






Beverley Olson Buller
Prairie Peter Pan:  The Story of Mary White  
This 2011 Kansas Notable Book introduces readers of all ages to a Kansas girl, Mary White  the daughter of William Allen White. She knew many famous people in her short life including Theodore Roosevelt.






Jack Heller
A E I O U and sometime Y
This rhyming book dealing with the alphabet helps children deal with the complexity of the written English language. Illustrated by Scott Davenport.






Janet Knedler
The Funtastic Adventures of Smoki
Smoki is a lovable, family dog, who was rescued from an animal shelter. In this book he dresses up, goes on adventures and also dreams of places she would like to visit.






Katherine Linquist
The Twelve-Day Christmas of Silverlenne Forest
Princess Abigail watches her kingdom’s Christmas preparations, meets Ryan, and is almost kidnapped within the space of a single day. Abigail and Ryan are assisted by their four fairy friends in seeking a betrothal gift that will please the king and queen.






Eleanor Liu
Lao Li and his Beancurd
The idea for this story came from a small village in Hunan Province where the author witnessed a family making beancurd.  Illustrations  are created by  Melisande Liu.






Marcia G. Riley
The Pillow Fairy
Much to his parent’s dismay, three-year old Matt has difficulty falling asleep alone and staying in his own bed.  One night the Pillow Fairy comes to visit Matt, and the magical journey begins.






Tony Silvestri
This book  is based on the choral masterpiece “Sleep.” The text was written by lyricist Charles Anthony Silvestri (for the composer Eric Whitacre), and the illustrations were painted by Dutch artist Anne Horjus. Inspired by a child’s resistance to sleep, all the games you play with themselves about monsters under the bed, or spooky shadows in the window, etc.






Annette Bailey Williamson
Eldon, the Spectacular Elf
Big and bumbling, young Eldon is no ordinary elf. Other elves tease him for his clumsiness. An overworked Grandfather Christmas suggests that Eldon go out and find his Life’s Work. In a snowstorm Eldon rescues eight young reindeer, lost and separated from their herd. And a new journey in his life begins.






Mary Ann Wittman
Scooter and the Jet Plane
Come along with Scooter, a one-year old Peke-a-Poo as she embarks on an adventure flying from her home in Texas to her new home in Turkey!  Scooter is worried about leaving her home in the U.S. to experience two years in another country with her Air Force family.









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