Green Around the Library


The #1 way in which the library is green is one of the main reasons we’re here:  the sharing of materials.  Being able to check out books, movies, magazines and other materials at the library means you don’t have to buy them, store them, or discard them.  Many of our items circulate 100 or more times, unless they get damaged or lost, before they are replaced.

Save energy

DSC_7915DSC_7919According to Facilities Manager John Kugler, we are replacing current lighting with the more energy-efficient LED lighting where possible.  LED, or light-emitting diode, lighting consumes less energy, puts out less heat and has a longer lifetime that regular incandescent bulbs.  It doesn’t have the same disposal problems as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) that contain mercury.  This changeover has already been completed in the Sabatini Gallery and the east wing stacks and we are currently working on replacing the parking lot lighting.


Behind the scenes, our staff recycles newspaper, aluminum, plastic, and white paper.  We have collection bins in work and break areas that are emptied by members of the Green Team (who also bring you the Green Fair) and by maintenance.  You may also have noticed the plastic recycling bins in various parts of the public part of the library.  The machine shop also recycles metal.


Donna Casey

I work in Circulation as a senior library associate. I love mysteries, traveling, gardens and libraries. My favorite authors are Agatha Christie, Patricia Cornwell and Harlan Coben, but I enjoy any well-plotted mystery.