Iwo Jima, Two Marines Remember

On March 5, 2014 at 7 :00 pm in the Marvin Auditorium, you are encouraged to attend a talk given by two Topekans, Jim Freel and L.C. Crouch.  Both are veterans of the United States Marine Corps, and who 69 years ago fought with courage and honor on the island of Iwo Jima.  This is a little of what they will talk about:

On February 19th, 1945, Crouch and Freel crouched below the gunwhales of their Higgins boat as they made their way towards the most famous battle in Marines Corps history. They remember the overwhelming noise, the waves that kicked over the bow in a blinding white spray caused by the boat drop ramps. They had trained for months for this exact moment in time. The training did little to quell the apprehension knotting up in their stomachs. For one of the men this was not his first landing on a hostile Pacific Island, but that didn’t really matter much.

The island was small, only 8-square miles, and was called Iwo Jima. The land was needed to build air fields from which they could bomb Japan. Sixty-nine years ago, approximately 19,000 young Marines lost their lives in the horrible 36-day battle. The event is iconic, in film and pictures. The story of the bravery is the stuff legends are made of.  Come hear a Marine’s memory come alive and learn about this place and time in history.

Update: Here is a recording of the talk

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  1. Chichi Jima – another WW II book. A Topeka native was captured, tortured and killed there by the Japanese. I believe the Topeka paper carried an interview with the brother of the fallen man. Published early 2000.

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