Helping seniors make the right decisions

There are many decisions we need to make as we age and figuring out the right choice can be a perplexing proposition. From health care to finances, the options are endless – and so is the junk mail you receive once you approach that magical age of 65, which makes things all the more confusing. Fortunately, the library has many resources and programs to help you make sense of these decisions and help you figure out the best choice for you.

On Monday, Oct 23 from 12:30-4pm we are hosting Law at the Library where representatives from Kansas Legal Services will talk about advance directives and estate planning. After the half hour presentation, attendees age 65 and older will have the opportunity to meet with KLS staff and draft documents such as powers of attorney and living wills for free. Come out and take advantage of this opportunity to get your legal affairs in order and have your questions answered by experts.

Do you have questions about those important documents you’ve held on to over the years and whether or not you need to keep them? On Monday, Oct 30, from 12:30-2pm Nancy Goodall JD, LLM, from CoreFirst Bank & Trust will present a program called What Important Documents Can I Throw Away? She’ll guide you through the somewhat bewildering process of determining what you need to hold on to, and what can be discarded. Take advantage of this opportunity to have an expert help you make the right decisions and answer your questions.

The first Monday of every month the library hosts Medicare Mondays with a representative from Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas (SHICK) who will answer all of your questions about Medicare. They provide unbiased advice regarding the complicated process of signing up for Medicare including a review of Part A, B, C and D, as well as Supplemental Plans also known as Medigap Policies. If you’re approaching 65 or if you’re over 65 and thinking about taking on Medicare, take advantage of this opportunity to hear from an expert and have your questions answered.

Here are some book lists with resources the library has to help you make sense of the decisions that await you in your golden years:

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Nate is a former employee that worked in the Red Carpet area. He wrote many senior services and sports related posts for the library.