Get Caught at the PARS Reality Tour

Learn the truth about drug and alcohol abuse

Mar 30 & 31, 2014 | 6:30-8:00pm | Marvin Auditorium

Sometimes there comes a time in your teen’s life when they engage in behavior that really raises the hairs on the back of your neck. Your opportunity to teach them the harsh reality of substance abuse comes March 30 and 31 at the Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS) Reality Tour, which delivers a straight-forward approach to education and prevention.

A recent survey showed 43 percent of Shawnee County youth reported that they have drank beer, wine or hard liquor at least once in their lifetime.

Teens will watch actors stage an overdose and listen to a real recovering addict. They will take the worst “selfie” of their lives when the Reality Tour’s computer program morphs their faces to show the effects of drug abuse. Parents are encouraged to attend with their youth. Families will witness emotions and turmoil caused by alcohol and drug use.

“The library is the information and resource hub of the community. We wanted a non-judgmental place youth 10 years and up could come to,” said Sheyvette Dinkens, PARS addiction counselor. “We hope attendees understand what it’s really like to get booked into Shawnee County Juvenile Detention Center or what a real emergency room scene is like.”

ivegotthisfriendwhoYou may need a more subtle approach to talking to your teen about drugs and alcohol. Lissa, our Health Information Librarian, says I’ve Got this Friend Who… and The Dirt on Drugs are easy-to-read books that speak teens’ language. The library also has books on smoking cessation and mental health issues. Check out the many resources in the Health Information Neighborhood in the West Wing.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.