The Financial Realities of Losing a Spouse

Senior on Laptop - resizedThe death of a spouse brings emotional turmoil, but what about all the other things that have to be done?  Come to the library Wednesday evening, April 23 from 7-8, as Becky Holmquist and Debi Stark from US Bank help to prepare you and your family for the financial, legal, and personal issues that face those who are left to manage assets and make financial decisions upon the passing of a loved one.  Becky Holmquist is a Treasury Management and Payments Consultant for U.S. Bank, while Debi Stark is a Trust and Estate Administrator who also works in Relationship Management Service.  Both will be prepared to answer any questions you might have about this difficult time and the realities that have to be faced beyond the necessary emotional healing. This program is a part of the Botox for Your Budget series being presented by the library which helps to take the wrinkles out of some of life’s difficult decisions before and after retirement. All programs are in Marvin Auditorium 101C. Other upcoming programs include:

Shocking Facts About Retirement – May 14 – 7-8:30

Think you have a clear vision of retirement?  Open your eyes to what awaits you during this phase of life.  Presented by Core First Bank & Trust

Elder Care Planning – June 17 – 7-8

Join Scott Sexton, attorney-at-law, to discuss the most common problems facing seniors and their families and what can be done to avoid or resolve those problems. He will talk about Medicaid, Medicare, planning for long term health care expenses, as well as discuss any questions you might have.

Will you Outlive Your Money in Retirement – August 13 – 7-8

Join Jason Hoffman, a financial advisor from Modern Woodmen Financial Services, as he helps identify obstacles to a successful retirement. He’ll discuss strategies to maintain your standard of living and give you piece of mind with a planning process to ensure you can achieve financial security.

Senior Scam Awareness – September 10 – 7-8

Join Kathy Clark from Capital City Bank as she helps you arm yourself with information about how to recognize popular scams, how to report fraud, and how to protect yourself from scam artists in order to reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft and economic crimes.

All Annuities are not Created Equal – October 15 – 6:30-8

Join CoreFirst Bank & Trust in an informative discussion about annuities and what kinds to look for (and maybe even kinds to stay away from) to achieve various estate, life and investment planning goals.

What Life Insurance is Right for You? – November 12 – 7-8

Join Jason Hoffman from Modern Woodmen of America as he talks about the types and purposes of life insurance, as well as, common uses for individuals and business owners. He’ll also discuss qualifications, strategies and how much life insurance you need.

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