Beginning Computer Class

Monday, February 10, 2020 | 11am-12pm | Learning Center Computer

This hour is devoted to beginning computer users. We will cover a different topic each week in a beginner-friendly environment. Here is the upcoming schedule:

  • Windows 10- Learn how to organize navigate Windows 10 we will talk about the Start Menu, accessories, personalizing your desktop, and the app store.
  • Beginning Computer Navigation- Learn the proper way to hold a move the mouse. Learn about check boxes, radio buttons and scroll bars.
  • Word 1 Introduction to Word Processing- Get started with the basics of Microsoft Word. We will learn about fonts and basic editing to help you navigate, create and edit documents.
  • Computer & Gadget Help- Let's focus on your technology questions. Bring your laptop, tablet or other device to ask questions and practice new computer skills.
  •  Internet Introduction- Learn basic internet functions and visit a variety of sites for information and entertainment.
  •  Word 2 Intermediate Word Processing- Use Microsoft Word to edit text, insert and work with pictures, and create columns.
  •  PowerPoint Introduction- Beginners create a dynamic presentation from start to finish.  Learn to insert slides, add text, graphics, transitions and animations.

Audience: All Ages