Deliberative Conversation on Safety and Justice

Monday, October 7, 2019 | 1-3:30pm | Anton Room 202 Adults

How should communities reduce violence? It’s never been more important to talk to each other about tough problems. Practice listening with empathy and respect, considering other perspectives, weighing the trade-offs of courses of action in a National Issues Forum. The kinds of problems that deliberation is meant to address are not things for which we have the one perfect answer. This is an opportunity for the kinds of conversations we don’t usually have. This forum will use the guide “Safety and Justice: How Should Communities Reduce Violence?” from the National Issues Forums.


  • considering other perspectives
  • weighing the trade-offs
  • considering courses of action and their advantages and disadvantages
  • more deeply understanding the issues and challenges in our community
This forum will help introduce the idea of deliberative forums and practice deliberation. We would like to have between 12-20 people to have a successful deliberation and a variety of perspectives. Please consider also inviting someone to join you, especially someone with a different perspective, life experience or background than you. What happens after a deliberative forum? The call to action at the conclusion of a deliberative forum is to continue learning and understanding this issue, to ask better questions and to look both more broadly and more deeply at possible options to address the big issues that communities face. Learn more at RSVP to

Audience: Adult