VR Space Adventure

Monday, August 12, 2019 | 12:30-3pm | Marvin Auditorium 101C Adults

Experience space with virtual reality. Titans of Space 2.0    Hang on to your cockpit seat! Go for a ride through this authentic miniature Solar System, and then squint your eyes in the intense light of a few of the largest known stars. Enjoy curated photos and facts along the way, at your own pace. Great care has been taken to ensure a comfortable VR experience. Home – A VR Spacewalk    Throw yourself into the void 250 miles above Earth in this award-winning VR spacewalk inspired by NASA's training program and the astonishing experiences of its astronauts. Home puts you at the center of the story, taking you on an emotional and personal journey while delivering beautiful, heart-stopping and memorable moments. You can also work on an art project while you wait your turn.

Audience: All Ages