KC UFO Sightings

Sunday, July 7, 2019 | 3-5pm | Marvin Auditorium Adults

Margie Kay, author of The Kansas City UFO Flaps will present some fascinating close encounters with unidentified flying objects that occurred in 2011 - 2012 in the greater Kansas City area. Find out what has been going on in ufology the past few years and hear about the ongoing sightings in the region that continue today. Kay will discuss sightings of extraterrestrials, possible abductions, close encounters and what to do in case you have a sighting of your own. Margie Kay is an author, publisher and lecturer. She is the Director of Quest Investigation Group and Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON. Kay has investigated more than 480 UFO cases. For more information visit Margie will also offer book sales and signing.  

Audience: Adult