Escape Room: Back to the Future

Friday, April 19, 2019 | 7-8pm | Anton Room 202 Adults

Save the Clocktower! Please listen closely as time is not on our side!  We must act swiftly if we are to save the clocktower.  I’m sorry...let me go back...back in time.  On Nov, 12 1955 a bolt of lightning struck the clocktower and rendered it useless.  The clock has not worked since that fateful night.  Today, Oct. 26th, 1985 the clocktower, on Mayor Wilson’s initiative, is being scheduled to be replaced with a more modern clock...perhaps even digital.  Last night our Preservation Society offices were broken into and all of our petitions were stolen.  We at the Hill Valley Preservation Society need your help to save this treasured piece of history.   Please hurry...we only have 45-minutes to get our petitions to the county officers or it will be the end of the clock tower.

Audience: All Ages