Pool Noodle Waterfall Maze Challenge

Create a water maze using pool noodles and other items from around your house!

-Pool noodles with a hole in the center
-Recycled materials that can hold a flow of water
-Piece of cardboard to attach your maze to

1. Think about how water would travel through the pool noodles and recycled materials.
2. Plan the path the water will follow using the pool noodles and recycled materials.
3. Cut any holes for water to move through as needed.
4. You could hang the pieces from a tree, attach them to a window or piece of cardboard.
5. When you system is attached and ready to go, test it out!
6. Pour water at the starting point and see how far it goes!
7. If it doesn’t work the first time, that’s okay! Adjust your system and try again!

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