Paper Flashlight

Create a fun scene that can be “illuminated” by a paper flashlight!


  • Paper (white and black)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Plastic bag


  1. Use the markers to draw a fun scene on the outside of the plastic bag.
  2. Cut the black piece of paper to fit snugly inside the bag.
  3. Draw and cut out a picture of a flashlight with a light beam.
  4. Place the paper flashlight in the bag between the black paper and your artistic scene and see how it highlights that part of the scene that’s in your paper light beam!

Multimedia Producer and Visual Artist at the library. Painter of the Kids Library Mural and 3D scapes, Designer of the Learn and Play Bus and AdventureMobile. When not at work you can find me drawing, making stuff out of wood and getting into trouble.