New Catalog: Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Q. Why did we get a new catalog?

We wanted to provide you with a better experience, and we’ve made some powerful enhancements.

  • Modern, mobile-friendly design
  • Clean and intuitive – The uncluttered design makes it fun and easy to use
  • Better search experience
  • Natural language searching: searching for “new kids dvds” returns new kids DVDs!
  • It’s more social
  • You can rate, comment, review, follow and share
  • You can create and share recommended lists
  • You’ll now be able to find and download ebooks directly in the catalog
  • You can easily view holds and see checked out items
  • Make suggestions for purchase within your library account

Q. How do I register my library account?

Account Dashboard in new catalogLog in with your library card number to register your account. Your account Dashboard is where you can easily view checked-out and on-hold items, see your profile, and view items on your completed and for later lists.

Learn more about registering your library account

Q: Why can’t I login with my old username?

A: The new catalog uses a separate username from the classic catalog. Use your barcode to register the first time and then setup your username. The catalog is shared with many other libraries (5 million registered users), so every account must have a unique username across the system, not just our library.

Q: Will my username be seen by others?

A: Yes, if you choose to contribute comments, lists or other content, your username appears beside anything you contribute.

Q: Why can’t my child select a username when registering?

A: For users in the United States, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires web sites that collect personal information from children to obtain parental consent. For this reason, children under 13 are not allowed to display their real names, nor can they type their own usernames, enter comments or add other kinds of content that require typing, since these could be used inappropriately. To generate a username, a child can select a combination of color and animal name. Note, that you can always log in with just your library card number.

Q: Why does the username ask me to pick a color and animal?

A: That means the new catalog thinks you are under the age of 13 based on the birthdate in your previous catalog account. If you are an adult, ask a librarian to update your birthdate.

Using the Catalog

Q. How do I renew my library books and materials?

My account menuA. Log in to your account by clicking on My TSCPL (top-right) menu, then log in with your library card number or username.

In the list of checked out items, click the checkbox for all the items you’d like to renew and then click the Renew Selected button.

If you have items due soon, click the Manage Multiple button to renew multiple items at one time. Click the image below to view that process.
Enable manage multiple

Q: I used to see my reading history. Why can’t I see it now?

A: You just need to turn it on. Enable it in account settings under My Settings > Privacy section. It’s called “Borrowing History.”

View and manage privacy settings

Q: Why can’t I sort my Borrowing History?

A: Sorting options are available if you have less than 100 titles in your Borrowing History.  Adding titles to your Completed shelf provide more flexibility. In addition to sorting, you can exclude titles you don’t want, and filter the shelf, making it easier to find a specific title.

Q: Can you still request books by mail?

A: Requesting books by mail is not available in the new catalog, but you can still request books delivered by mail in the classic catalog:

Q: My lists are gone! What happened to them?

A: Unfortunately, your lists don’t import into the new catalog. They are still accessible in the classic catalog at: If you wish, you can then re-create the lists in the new catalog.


Q: Why do I have to login to suggest a purchase?

A: It makes tracking your suggestions much easier because it’s all in on place – your account!

Suggest an item for purchase.

Q: I don’t want to be social, how do I turn that off?

A: If you don’t want to be social, don’t comment or rate anything. You can also turn off sharing items on your shelves. It’s in your account settings under the Privacy section. It’s called “My Collections.”

View and manage privacy settings

Q: Why can’t I find the Obituary Index, Newspaper Index or Community Directory?

A: They are still available under the Learning & Research menu under Local Information.

Q: Why don’t get an answer when I fill out the feedback form on the catalog?

A: We can only respond to catalog feedback submissions if your library account includes an email address.

Add or update your email address


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