How to Pay Fees

What types of fees does the library assess?

When will fees block my account?

  • Accounts are blocked when they carry a $10 or greater fee or any fee older than 60 days.
  • If fees block your account, you will lose library privileges including checking out materials or using the Internet computers until the fee is paid.

Returning to Book Drops

  • Save time and gas—Return your books, DVDs, music CDs and other library materials to the library’s book drops located throughout Shawnee County.
  • Materials returned to the library’s book drops are back-dated to the last date that book drop was emptied. Most book drops are emptied every day.

Lost Items

  • If you notice an item still listed on your account that you believe you have returned, please search again at home for the item to return. If you are sure you returned it, report the item to Library Staff at the Customer Service Desk, Bookmobile or call 785-580-4424.
  • If you lose an item and pay the replacement cost, but later find the item and wish to return it within six months from the original due date, you will be refunded the replacement cost minus the maximum late fee for the item.

Payment Plans

  • A monthly payment plan option is available to help get your account back in good standing.
  • While making payments on your account, you will be able to check out 2 items at a time and can receive daily passes to access the computers.
  • Payment plans can be set up at the Customer Service Desk or on a Bookmobile.


  • Customers with a credit on their library account may request a refund at the Customer Service Desk.

Where to Pay Fees

  • Pay fees in person at any Check-Out Kiosk inside the library. Kiosks accept cash, debit and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), as well as payments from your library account balance. Visit the Customer Service Desk to pay fees with a personal check. You can also pay fees at any Bookmobile.
  • Pay fees by mailing a check to the library, Attn: Circulation. Print the Payment Voucher for mailing a check (PDF) to include with your payment, or include the account information in a brief note with your check. Please specify if the payment should be applied to existing fees or added to your library account for future fees.
  • Pay fees over the telephone with your credit card by calling 785-580-4424.
  • Pay fees online or add money to your library account using your credit card.

For more information about fees or your library account, ask Library Staff at the Customer Service Desk or Bookmobile, call 785-580-4424 or use the online Ask a Librarian services.