The subtle and powerful novel, Snow Hunters

Snow HuntersYohan is a broken young man with both bittersweet and painful memories from his childhood and his experiences in the Korean War. In an attempt to start a new life he leaves Korea for Brazil where he doesn’t know the language or anyone living there.

From the kindness of strangers, Yohan is put in touch with a Japanese tailor who takes Yohan in and teaches him his trade. Through time Yohan meets two children and a local groundskeeper, and from their friendships Yohan begins to untangle his memories and heal his heart.

Snow Hunters is a short novel that is sparsely written and yet it conveys description and emotion. This poignant story is written by Paul Yoon who is also the author of Once the Shore which was selected as a New York Times Notable Book and National Public Radio’s Best Debut of the Year.


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