Rebuilding a Life, Saving an Empire in The Emperor’s Soul

The Emperor's SoulShia was caught for her almost flawless forgery of a national masterpiece and sentenced to be executed but was given an unusual offer to spare her life. An attempt had been made on the Emperor’s life leaving him in a soulless state of unconsciousness. The arbiters, who were running the country, want Shia to forge a soul for the Emperor to bring him back to consciousness.

This daunting task requires intensive study for Shia to reconstruct the Emperor’s soul, and she isn’t even sure it can be done. Unfortunately, it must be accomplished in secret, and she has only one hundred days to complete her work. In The Emperor’s Soul, Shia is caught in political turmoil that could lead to her death or worse- the destruction of the empire.

The author of this novella is Brandon Sanderson, the bestselling author of the Mistborn Series, Warbreaker, and The Way of Kings. He was also chosen to finish Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series and has won numerous awards including the David Gemmell Legend Award.


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