Mr. Detrick attempts to tackle one of the shooters

Cover Art for Time Harbor, the 2015 Community Novel Project for the Topeka and Shawnee County Public LibraryMr. Detrick from Time Harbor, tscpl Community Novel Project 2015 art by Heather KearnsAs time stood still, Detrick made an insane dash toward the main door to tackle one of the shooters. He hoped the sudden move would confuse the New York bank robbers, Sehay and Applegate, enough for him to run out the exit.

The tackle worked until the man grabbed him around the waist and held firm as he came back on his feet, using Detrick as a human shield. The elevator door dinged as it closed, as if to taunt him into thinking he should have gone that way.

He tried to break free, but the robber tightened his grip.

“Make another attempt to escape and I’ll shoot you dead now.”

Detrick considered the idea of pretending to faint. He glanced at a clock. Was an hour up yet? Would Time Harbor pull him out of here?

Agent Baker reloaded. The man’s weapon wavered between Sehay and Applegate before he fired. Detrick was conscious of the impact against his chest where the medallion rested over his breastbone. The force of the bullet pushed him and his captor backward against the door. It swung outward and both robbers exited with him in tow.

The pain in his chest made every step agony until they reached a car and forced him into the back seat. Detrick used the time in the back seat to breathe air back into his lungs in slow, shallow breaths. He felt his breastbone. A lump formed under the shattered medallion. Despite the pain, he explored with his fingers and determined his breastbone was cracked.

The sirens grew faint as they left the city, heading north.

“We should dump him before we reach Nebraska.”

“Sure, Applegate. He looks a bit green around the gills. Let’s toss him in a river.”

Detrick tried to sit up, but the pain in his chest kept him down. With the medallion broken, he had no way to escape. His only hope was to let them toss him over a bridge into a river and swim to shore.

Over an hour passed before Applegate stopped the car. The robbers dragged him out of the car and clubbed him over the head.

His head exploded with pain, but he remained conscious as they hefted him over the bridge railing. Cold water shocked his system as he landed on his back looking up at the two men. Sehay aimed his gun and fired.

The bullet burned into his stomach. The impact rolled him over face down in the water. His lungs screamed for air as the river current started to pull him.

He lifted his head to gulp for air and heard another gunshot and the impact of a bullet in his back before he felt cold cement beneath him.

Unsure how it happened, he knew he was back at Time Harbor. Several shards of his glasses lay a few feet away covered in dust and cobwebs. The video camera was exposed. A yellowed placard stood on an easel beside the glasses.

“This Time Harbor Museum was dedicated to the errors of humans in 2055. These glasses with a hidden video camera were Clark Detrick’s attempt to sneak modern technology into the past. The Time Harbor project was deemed unsafe and closed down after the incident in which Detrick and the students in his team were separated. What became of Detrick has yet to be learned.”

He looked up at a solar powered clock/calendar on the wall. It read, “January 3, 2068, 2:37 AM.”

Blood pooled on the dust covered floor around him. He felt nothing except the knowledge that he would bleed out before anyone found him in what appeared to be an abandoned museum.


The End

You followed the path of history teacher Mr. Clark Detrick when Mr. Detrick decides to be a responsible chaperone and look for Mai and Han and then Mr. Detrick attempts to tackle one of the shooters.

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Mr. Detrick attempts to tackle one of the shooters written by Reaona Hemmingway

Mr. Detrick drawn by Heather Kearns