Community Novel 2015 – Time Harbor

Time Harbor Community Novel Project 2015 from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public LibraryIntroduction

Welcome to the 2015 Community Novel Project from the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library!

Returning Readers: If you want to read the newest story paths, CLICK HERE.

Readers can pick a path and follow one of three characters on time travel expeditions to Topeka’s past. In this prologue, get to know high school students Mai and Han and their history teacher Mr. Clark Detrick, and learn more about the Blast to the Past contest that is sending them from April 2050 to a very unique field trip experience. Don’t worry, the manual explains the safety medallion security features – what could possibly go wrong?

We can’t tell you more yet, because we don’t know what is coming next.

This story is collaboratively created by writers in our community. Each author will set things up for future authors to take the story in new directions, challenge the characters and strengthen the emerging plot. It’s going to be a wild and creative ride, and you can read new expanded paths each month as they are published!

Follow along on our writing, editing and publishing progress by looking Behind the Scenes or you can Get Involved as a writer, editor or illustrator!

Cover Art for Time Harbor, the 2015 Community Novel Project for the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library


You won’t read this story from the beginning to the end–you’ll make choices along the way.

Start with the Prologue to meet the characters and get into the action, then read until you come to a choice.

Pick A Path, and click on the link to find out what happens next.

When you come to an ending, go back and click on a different link to embark on a new journey.

Each part of this Pick A Path Adventure is written by a different author as part of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library’s Community Novel Project.

Smart choices may lead to better adventures, so good luck…and happy reading!


prologue do not miss it!!! Collage of images from the Prologue

Why are Topeka teens time-traveling through history? Don’t Miss the Time Harbor Prologue including:

  • Blast to the Past Content Announcement
  • “Six Students Picked for Trip of Lifetime” Newspaper Article
  • Han and Mai Participant Profiles
  • Blast to the Past Finalist Letter to Parents
  • Mai’s Calendar
  • Han’s To-Do List
  • About Safety – Student Participant’s Guide
  • Video Diary of Clark J. Detrick, Educator and Eminent Time Traveler

 Pick a Path

Whose story path will you follow first?

Click on a character to pick a path into the story and see what happens next! Explore the paths for Mr. Detrick to get a preview of the fun in store for readers when the next updates are posted!

Han from Time Harbor, tscpl Community Novel Project 2015 art by Heather Kearns


Mai from Time Harbor, tscpl Community Novel Project 2015 art by Heather Kearns


Mr. Detrick from Time Harbor, tscpl Community Novel Project 2015 art by Heather Kearns

Mr. Detrick

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WRITERS: Get Involved, learn more about the self-publishing process, and contribute a scene to this year’s community novel. Contact Project Organizers Lissa Staley and Miranda Ericsson.

READERS: Check back for Time Harbor updates at to pick more paths for our characters to follow through Topeka history.

PUBLICATION DELAY: Time Harbor print publication is currently delayed. Check back for updates!