UNTHINKING: The Surprising Forces Behind What We Buy

UNTHINKING is Beckwith’s fifth marketing book and is the result of his lifelong fascination with one question: “What unique forces drive us to choose one product or service over another?” His research stems from thirty years of working with hundreds of businesses worldwide, including 24 Fortune 500 companies. Unlike other marketing experts, Beckwith eschews technical […]

Be Careful What You Share on Social Media Sites; It Could Cost you a Job

According to a recent survey commissioned by Careerbuilder.com and conducted by research firm Harris Interactive, almost half of the 2667 HR professionals surveyed use social networking sites to research job candidates, with an additional 11% planning to implement social media screening in the very near future.  According to the study,  “thirty-five percent of employers reported they […]

It Pays to Know the Difference Between Credit and Debit Cards

Bank-issued debit and credit cards are used every day, and have become common in shopping and paying bills. Credit cards were introduced in the 1950s, while debit cards came out in the mid-1970s. By 2006, there were more than 984 million bank-issued Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards in the United States. Whereas debit […]

What Color is Your Parachute? 40th Anniversary Edition

For forty years now, job-hunters and career-changers have been turning to What Color is Your Parachute for the most current information about the job market and how to find meaningful work – even in the midst of challenging economic times.  The 40th edition of the popular manual has been vastly re-written because job-hunting has increasingly […]

After-Shock by Robert Reich: a Book Review

After-Shock – The Next Economy and America’s Future is the latest offering by former Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich.  Here, Reich reviews the recent recession and asserts his diagnosis that the cause of the current stagnant economy is that too much national income has gone to the rich in the last 40 years, which has induced the federal […]

Mars Chocolate Plans State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility in Topeka

The Martians are coming! And it’s great news for Topeka.  Today Mars Chocolate North America announced plans to build a new state-of-the art $250-million manufacturing facility here in Topeka.   The announcement was made in Topeka by Mike Wittman, Vice President of Supply at Mars Chocolate North America, and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback on the […]

Be Ready, Willing, and Able to Work Outside Your Job Description

In the current jobs landscape –  brought on because of the recent employment crisis – employees at many companies are being asked to take on tasks that have little to do with their job descriptions.  This could be a temporary stop-gap, but career experts think that even when the economy does get back on its feet, […]