Get Ready for Spring!

It is winter, but the days are growing longer and warmer. Crocus blooms and temperate weather lead to thoughts of clearing the home of the remains of winter. Where to start?

January is National Radon Action Month

Radon is colorless, odorless, tasteless and occurs naturally as uranium in soil, rocks and water breaks down. Even though it is a natural occurrence, it is hazardous if it becomes trapped in your home. January is National Radon Action Month. Use this opportunity to learn the facts about radon and how you can mitigate its presence in your home.

Energy Savings 101

Danny Lichtenauer from Westar Energy will be at the library December 13 at 7:00 pm with helpful tips on managing household energy use.

Urban Homesteading, or, Old MacDonald had a backyard farm…

The movement to become more self-sufficient in an urban setting is spreading. Relearning methods for growing and canning produce, managing gray water, and raising chickens are just a few of the areas addressed in the urban homestead movement.

Small Living Spaces, Big Decorating Ideas

Finding ideas on decorating smaller living spaces can be difficult in this era of suburban mini estates. The Home Neighborhood has many helpful books on decorating small homes and apartments.

Reduce your cooling costs

Need money saving tips to reduce your cooling bill? Check out the US Department of Energy website for ideas on how to reduce costs AND stay cool.

The Family Handyman

Sometimes the best resource is a magazine. If you are looking for DIY project, or you need practical advice on purchasing tools, The Family Handyman is the magazine for you.