High School Movie Cliches

Check out this list of movies organized by the high school cliches they epitomize.

Squirrel Moments

Join the conversation as Shannon discusses a few random movies she’s recently watched. Look, squirrel!

Adventure Inspiration

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For the Love of 80’s Nostalgia

It’s all about ’80s nostalgia with this selection of movies since it’ll be a few months before we see the Ready Player One movie in the library.

Blade Runner 2049

Sci-Fi nerds rejoice! Blade Runner 2049 is a wonderful tribute to the original.


Explore the recent cinematic explosion of Sherlock variations.

Onscreen Chameleons

Review this list of onscreen chameleons – actors who completely disappear into their characters and whose body of work is radically diverse.

A Thanksgiving list

Get Thanksgiving preparedness tips that include holiday movie recommendations.

Big Little Lies

Read reviewer Shannon Eddings’ thoughts on the HBO series that won 8 Emmy Awards this year.