At the ballpark

Baseball is in the post-season, so it’s time to stock up on baseball movies!

High School Movie Cliches

Check out this list of movies organized by the high school cliches they epitomize.

Squirrel Moments

Join the conversation as Shannon discusses a few random movies she’s recently watched. Look, squirrel!

Adventure Inspiration

Find movie settings that make you dream a little vacation destination dream.

For the Love of 80’s Nostalgia

It’s all about ’80s nostalgia with this selection of movies since it’ll be a few months before we see the Ready Player One movie in the library.

Blade Runner 2049

Sci-Fi nerds rejoice! Blade Runner 2049 is a wonderful tribute to the original.


Explore the recent cinematic explosion of Sherlock variations.

Onscreen Chameleons

Review this list of onscreen chameleons – actors who completely disappear into their characters and whose body of work is radically diverse.

A Thanksgiving list

Get Thanksgiving preparedness tips that include holiday movie recommendations.