M.V.P. – Most Valued Possessions

Show us your favorite stuff! We’ll show it to everyone!

We all keep mementos to remind us of a special event, time or person. Our memories make stories. Our stories about these items create meaning and value.

The Art of Illumination

How were books made before the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press? Completely by hand. Every letter, every picture, every page, every color of paint, every quill pen and every paintbrush. Needless to say, they were expensive.

Why I Like It: Art Review of The Waiting Room

Using crochet and tear-shaped beads, artist Stephanie Lanter created a Victorian-style opera glove to complement the Melancholia chair tableau – and convey the psychological weight of depression.

Topeka Competition 30 purchases

Thanks to the Friends of the Library! Their support of the Topeka Competition 30 lets us add great art to our library’s collection. For more than 30 years, the Friends of the Library has sponsored the Topeka Competition. This is a national, juried, biennial exhibition, featuring the best in contemporary arts and crafts. It started […]