AI art and original

AI art project on display

See results from Topeka Magazine & Gallery project using AI and original art from library’s collection.

100 Years: The Topeka Art Guild

On October 16, 1916, a group of Topeka artists, patrons and enthusiasts met to organize a new art group. Its purpose was “to bring more and better art in Topeka,” to promote education about the arts, to teach art classes, and to enrich the lives of Topekans. Come see their art on October 10!


Art2Wear is sculpture for the body

How would it feel to wear a work of art? Four artists create sculpture for the human body in the gallery’s newest exhibit.

When does a bug not belong in bug art?

While unpacking the art for our next exhibit, I found a dead silverfish on one of the paintings. The big question: was it supposed to be there?

Congratulations on your graduation!

This is a big accomplishment. Instead of playing a stately piece over and over, let’s step things up! We came for the ceremony, not an organ recital.

Art Review – Consumed

Justin Marable and Juniper Tangpuz ask us to think about our environment and history as a whole, and how it changes through time. What would dinosaurs think of today’s technology?