Love Your White Walls

Some people like to paint their walls beautiful, bright colors. Some people like to keep their walls a nice, pretty neutral shade. Neither of these choices are wrong. White walls can be a great, changeable canvas. Anything you hang on them instantly becomes a piece of art. Furniture, pillows and blankets stand out with fresh […]

Splashes of Color

Winter is gone!  Okay, sometimes it doesn’t feel like spring. Yet. But cabin fever is over. It’s time to brighten up our living spaces. If you are feeling crafty, you can surf the craft stores for bright fabrics. These are perfect for making your own curtains and pillows. Don’t have the time, or inclination? Discount […]

Make It Shine

This is my favorite time of year! Everyone makes an effort to be nicer and make their world a better place. That usually includes their living spaces, as well.  Be it the tiniest apartment or the grandest mansion-everyone can add some shine to their holidays! We have a great collection of holiday books and magazines […]

Outdoor Structures: Making The Most of Your Space

It’s time to start enjoying your yard! What would you add to the outside of your house to help you enjoy the great outdoors? A deck? Gazebo? Or just a shed to help you stay organized? We have some great resources to help make your yard work for you!

Brighten Your Home With A Splash Of Color!

Spring is a time of color. If you don’t think you are brave enough to paint a whole room in a bright hue, try small touches of color. Look for, or make, colorful pillows. Or a great flea market side table painted a shocking color. We have lots of great resources to bring a touch […]