The Sunflower Showdown 1962-2011

Want to win a bar bet? Here’s a question you can throw out to your sports fan friends the next time you’re together enjoying a cool one: Who would you say has lost more football games in the last 50 seasons, KU or K-State?

A Baseball Revolution With Kansas Roots

Bill James was a leader in rethinking the way Major League Baseball teams are put together. The new movie Moneyball is based upon the Michael Lewis book that looks at the way Billy Beane reshaped the small-market Oakland A’s using principles established by Bill James in order to compete with the wealthiest teams in the majors. The library is a great place to learn more about Bill James and his important work in reimagining the sport.

The Big Man in the Big Apple

Derek Jeter has been the face of the New York Yankees for nearly two decades. Ian O’Connor’s new biography is an excellent read for any baseball fan. The book provides a fresh look at this Yankee great known simply as “The Captain” as he moves into the final stage of his illustrious career.

Shawnee County Sports Hall of Fame

Topeka and Shawnee County boasts an impressive list of sports greats with roots in the area. The Shawnee County Sports Hall of Fame was created to honor men and women of excellence. The Library is the permanent home for all the placques honoring the Hall of Fame inductees.