October is Adopt-a-Dog Month

October is Adopt-a-Dog Month, and the Library has a number of books about the joys of rescuing a shelter dog.

Raising Sheep and Goats

If you are thinking about adding goats or sheep to your homestead, check out the books in the Library’s Pets Neighborhood.


Learn how to become more self-sufficient by checking out books from the Home Neighborhood.

Bird Talk Magazine

The Library subscribes to several pet-related magazines. One of these is Bird Talk magazine. If you are the owner of a pet bird or are thinking about buying a pet bird, this is a great magazine for you to read.

Cockatiels Make an Excellent Pet

If you are wanting to get a pet bird for the first time, choose a cockatiel. Learn more about these charming little birds.

Cottage Decorating

Find out how to update your home with clean, airy cottage style.

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

The Library has many good books on the care of small mammals such as guinea pigs and hamsters.

Update with Paint

Visit the Home Neighborhood for ideas on updating your walls with paint!

Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

February is the ASPCA’s Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, and if you are considering rescuing one of these cute, furry, cuddly little animals, take a little time to educate yourself first.