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Women’s World Cup

Gear up for the 2019 World’s Cup and find recommended soccer reads.

World Cup Preview

Gear up for the 2018 World Cup with recommendations on who to watch and what to read.

College Basketball at Your Library

It’s almost time to root for your favorite teams, root against your least favorite teams and cheer for the underdogs.

Tour de France

While I’m not a huge cycling fan every July I always seem to get sucked into watching the Tour de France.   I think its part the beautiful scenery and part the exciting, edge of your seat racing.  Whatever it is I can’t take my eyes off it. The Tour de France is a multi-stage bicycle […]

Women’s World Cup

Soccer fans, get ready to cheer on the United States once again this summer. This time it’s the women’s turn. The FIFA Women’s World Cup will start on Saturday June 6, 2015. The Canadian’s are the host this year and the United States will play its first game on Monday June 8 against Australia. The […]

Soccer Capital of America

A little over a year ago, at the Major League Soccer (MLS) All-Star game, Sporting Kansas City dubbed Kansas City the “Soccer Capital of America”. At the time it seemed like a very audacious statement, but if this past year is any indication they might not have been far off. It all began on a […]

English Premier League

If you were to ask soccer fans around the world what the best league in the world is the majority would probably say the English Premier League (EPL). They routinely get the top talent from all corners of the globe. The games are physical and exciting to watch. They are insanely popular throughout the world. […]

World Cup – Watch it at the Library!

Once every four years the world stops for a moment and focus’ its attention on soccer. The World Cup, the #1 most watched sporting event in the world, will officially kick off on Thursday June 12, 2014 in Brazil to the delight of hundreds of millions of soccer fans. For those who don’t know a […]