3 Albums: The far end of the bell curve

Discover some new tunage or get inspired to search out sounds you love as Kyle Moreland discusses his musical taste on the far end of the bell curve.

3 Albums: Open Window Sound Waves

Summer is an adventure and every adventure requires the perfect soundtrack. Find out which sounds are spilling out Kyle’s open windows.

3 Albums: Old Dogs/New Tricks

Sometimes the greats just keep on keepin’ on. We’re talkin’ 160 years and counting! Check out these 3 recent releases from 3 legendary artists.

3 Albums: Keep It Quirky

Join me and give a hearty “Hurrah!” for some artists making music in the Key of Quirk.

3 Albums: Autumn This Year

Kyle’s got 3 Autumnal-esque albums to soundtrack your season. Grab a light sweater and your headphones!

3 Albums: Musical Spider Webs

Kyle dives deep into musical musings… and then recommends 3 more stellar albums for you to spin!