A classic southern bible

I don’t know how classic this cookbook is but it is definitely a bible on some really delicious dishes. What cookbook am I talking about? Well, Paula Deen’s new cookbook, Southern Cooking Bible. This cookbook is big and it has more than 300 recipes for some really delicious dishes. Of course, it is Paula Deen. […]

Recipe contest

Do you know who the Beekman Boys are? They have a reality TV show on Discovery. The show is about their farm but the Beekman Boys have written a new cookbook. I have seen it and the recipes all look delicious. I would reall like to try several for the holidays. But what does that have […]

Grass or Turf

With all this hot weather, my grass looks very bad. Dry and just plain crunchy. But help is on the way. The Master Gardeners will be here on Thursday, September 1st in the Marvin Auditorium from 7:00-8:00 pm talking about turf or as I call it grass. The Master Gardeners have been here many times this […]

2P’s, 1B and a few more things

It is finally August and August is National Peach month. In the Cooking Neighborhood there is a display with all kinds of cookbooks featuring peach recipes. There are also cookbooks with panini recipes as well as brownie recipes because August is also National Panini month and National Brownie month. Be sure and check out the cooking […]

shade gardens

Everyone that I know has to deal with some shade in their garden. I do but I don’t really know what plants to use in a shade garden. I have some  hosta and astilbes and they are doing really well. But I would like to grow something else that has beautiful color. Well, on August […]