Back to the ’80s

Dim the lights and pass the popcorn, your movie night with the Reagans is about to begin!

American Beauty

The beauty, the architect and the mad man – discover this salacious Gilded Age love triangle.

Crime of the Century

Take a fresh look at an infamous cold case that has haunted the collective imagination for years.

Hit the road

Join Linda May and other retirees as they ditch their houses and live on the road.

Blazing love

It’s a love story gone bad. No, wait! It’s a page-turning true crime story. No, wait! It’s an intriguing portrait of a struggling county. Maybe American Fire is three stories wrapped in one marvelous smoky package.

Lost in the Stacks web marquee

Life as a shelter dog

You’ll give your heart to these appealing shelter dogs who just want a home to call their own.

Lost in the Stacks web marquee

A Total Eclipse of the Sun

Profound and mesmerizing, the total solar eclipse of 1878 would transform American science.