The Joy of Making: Dave Perkins—Woodworker

Dave Perkins has been with the Library for over ten years. Not only is he our wonderful mechanic, he is an accomplished woodworker as well. His talents are used whenever possible at the Library, but I wanted to see what he makes in his spare time and find out what drives him to create.

Book Review: Starting Your Career As An Artist

Nothing can replace hands-on, on-the-job training, but fortifying yourself with the information this book offers is, if anything, a major confidence builder, especially if you’re like me and hate being embarassed by what you don’t know when it really matters.

Being Objective About Sentimental Objects

When my grandmother passed away, I experienced first-hand what it feels like to have a complete stranger call a beloved heirloom both “worthless” and “nothing special”.

Recycled Paper Beads From Old Magazines

It’s only May and the temperature’s rising. As much as kids like to play outside, as it gets hotter, they’re bound to be looking for something fun to do indoors.

The Waiting Room: An Interview

Meet the artists behind our current exhibition, The Waiting Room: Lost and Found, and hear more about the project itself, and how a community of artists and art lovers collaborated to bring important issues in women’s health to the table for discussion.

BOOK REVIEW: Drawing Us In—How We Experience Visual Art

Recently I’ve been on the hunt for something that confirms my belief that art is important. But I didn’t want anything too long, heavy or academic. And it had to fit in the book holder on my treadmill at the gym.

I Remember: Memories From Wartime

Read what 324 people shared about the people they loved, battles they fought, childhood memories and odd facts from wartime.

Roger Shimomura: Eternal Foreigner

Shimomura’s work is so powerful it transcends his own experience and becomes a voice for Americans marginalized in our country due to physical appearance or heritage.