HOT—Help Make History!

Grab your smartphone or tablet and help us build community pride and understanding by participating in Humans of Topeka, an Instagram storytelling project all about Topeka and the people who live here.

Eat A Book! 8th Annual Edible Book Festival

It’s a simple recipe for fun: 1 book of your choice 1 creative way of interpreting it with food edible ingredients That’s it! All ages are welcome to participate in transforming any book into a culinary masterpiece based on the content or appearance of your book, from puns to literal interpretations. This is one of […]

My Poor Cats—Thanks, Instagram.

Thanks to Instagram, my iPhone, a bunch of free apps, and books from my library, taking pictures of my pets is fun again.

Book Review: Seven Days in the Art World

Based on hundreds of hours of research and being allowed in to participate, Sarah Thornton was able to get behind the scenes of seven high-energy, high-stakes art world environments.

Book Review: What Are You Looking At?

BBC Arts editor, Will Gompertz, discusses the, “surprising, shocking, and sometimes strange story of 150 years of Modern Art.”

What Inspires You?

40 of today’s top graphic designers share what inspires them to create: vacation, pressure, other artists, smoking, and unfamiliar situations are just a few examples in this funny and at times irreverent book.

Draw Your Library!

With exceptional architecture, lighting and plenty of places to sit, why not bring your sketchbook to the Library and spend the day drawing the building itself?