Comeback Dog

In his book, Through My Eyes, Tim Tebow New York Jet’s football player, writes about his childhood dog, Otis.  “Otis was loyal and protective, traits you’d hope to find in a dog. If you came by, you would see blonde-haired Otis, who looked to be a mixture of half lab and half golden retriever, walking […]

Mitch Seavey

2013 Iditarod

The winner of the 2013 Iditarod is 53 year old Mitch Seavey. He is the oldest musher to win in the 41 year history of the Iditarod. Last year Mitch’s son, Dallas, was the youngest Iditarod winner at the age of 25. The race is a 1000 mile sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Seavey […]

The Great Gatsby Party

Teens were invited to step back in to the 1920’s. There was music by Fred Astaire, poker, Nerf gun shooting at a target , fizzy drinks, banana splits, trivia and 1920’s art made into a button. Greg Gaul taught several of our patrons how to play poker. They were still playing and having a good time when […]

Holiday Cookies

Eighteen lucky teens got to make holiday sugar cookies from scratch on Monday, December 10. Most of the teens were inexperienced in the kitchen so they were given very simple detailed instructions. Lesson 1: read the recipe before you start adding the ingredients. Lesson 2: fill your measuring cup to the top, don’t scoop the Crisco from […]

Sandwich Surprise

This is your opportunity to go beyond peanut butter and jelly. Create an afterschool snack. Do you enjoy meat, cheese and mayo or something more creative like bean sprouts, spinach and hummus? All ingredients are provided. Just bring your appetite. Monday, November 26, 4:00-5:00 PM, The Edge

Breakfast Champion Style

The smell of waffles drifted out of Lingo on Wednesday, September 19. Eighteen teens perfected their cooking skills by measuring, stirring and cooking various ingredients to make a tasty, nourishing breakfast. One teen found that because he didn’t follow the recipe his Orange Julius tasted funny. Lesson learned – follow the recipe! Using a large […]

Dark Chocolate Delight

The teen program, Dark Chocolate Delight, featured chocolate in many different ways. There were the Hershey Kiss relay, chocolate taste test, balloon making chocolate bowls and chocolate trivia. The chocolate tasting booth featured six different types of chocolate from 86% pure chocolate to Hazel Hill’s milk chocolate. Of course, the favorite was the Hazel Hill […]

The Queen of Water

  Laura Resau met Maria Virginia Farinango in Colorado where Virginia was a student. They became fast friends and decided to tell Virginia’s story as a young girl growing up in the Ecuadorian Andes. Maria Virginia is a descendant of the Incas, an ancient people of South America.The Spanish conquistadors conquered the Incas and became known as the […]

Cooking With Dr. Seuss

It was Friday, the last day of Spring Break. Parents and grandparents were looking for something for the kids to do. The Library just happened to have a program for kindergarteners through second graders at 3 pm, Cooking With Dr. Seuss. Since March is Dr. Seuss’s birth month, using the cookbook, Green Eggs and Ham […]

No Couch Potatoes

No Couch Potatoes is a teen program that meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday in the Edge. Natalie Sykes, a trained physical therapist, leads the program with her knowledge of cardiovascular excercise, muscle training and kickboxing techniques. At the end of each program participants are offered a healthy snack. Last Thursday the snack included fruit salsa and […]

Valentine Candy

A very unique program was going on in the Edge on Valentine’s Day. After school, teens were invited to make their own special Valentine Candy to eat themselves or give to someone special. One table featured Buckeye Balls, which are similar to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The recipe suggested using plastic gloves to mix the peanut butter, margarine, […]

Double Dueling

  Teen gaming has returned to the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. On the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 4-6 pm in the Edge (teen room) young adults and adults will be able to duel other gamers whether it be Yu-gi-oh (11-18 yrs) or Magic the Gathering (14 + yrs). Magic:The Gathering was the first collectible card game created by mathematics […]