Early Literacy Begins Here

The April-May Library News highlights how we support parents and caregivers, our 2018 annual report and reading recommendations.

2018 Annual Report

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Reading aloud to kids isn’t just fun – it’s essential for your child up for success in life. Kids whose parents read to them get an edge when it comes to learning to talk, bonding with their parents, and making sense of the world. Sitting down with a book improves a child’s ability to […]

Start Your Spring Training

The Feb-March issue of Library News is full of items to help you prepare for spring.

Book Fix: Cozy

Check out these recommendations from library staff and a couple regular library users for reads they find cozy.

Give the Gift of Reading

Support Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to provide free books to kids.

Readers’ Pet Peeves

Uncover the things that annoy our friends about other readers or annoy us when we read. 

Final Steps to Vote

Get helpful tips to make sure you’re ready to cast your ballot on Tue, Nov 6!

Book Fix: Mysterious

Check out recommendations from library staff of reads they find mysterious.

Fall Changes

Review the changes we’ve made to Library News to make it quicker and even more fun.