Superimposed Chapter 14 by Annette Komma

Superimposed Chapter 14

As the plot gets more complicated, the authors can fill in more of the characters’ mysterious pasts. This week, five distinct flashback scenes connect the mysteries of the past to the present.

Superimposed Chapter 13

In this week’s chapter, a dead body is abandoned in favor of a quick escape, but the destination of the airplane is in question, when Pesha asks Holly to trust him. Don’t miss this community-written adventure!

Chapter 12 by Reaona Hemmingway

Superimposed Chapter 12

New characters, with new mysteries, are introduced frequently when each chapter is written by a different author. This week, two characters become one!

just like the movies by Kelli Fiore

Just Like the Movies

Track and field star Marijke Monti loves her boyfriend Tommy, a hot guitarist in a high school band. She loves him, but she doesn’t trust him, and that is tearing them apart. Will a movie script ending save their relationship?

Superimposed Chapter 11 by Sarah Langley

Superimposed Chapter 11

In this week’s chapter, Holly suffers a major loss and is sent on a big quest, in a turn of events that you will have to read to believe!

Local Authors Publishing Two Books at Library

Win a free autographed copy of a 2014 Community Novel Project book! Spirits of Oz and Superimposed are published weekly online. Pre-order your print copy and pick up at the Book Launch.

Superimposed Chapter 10 by Elaine Greywalker

Superimposed Chapter 10

Half-way through the serialized community novel, this flashback chapter to 1950’s Topeka allows Joe Grimaldi to take stock of his business and personal life.

Superimposed Chapter 9

In this week’s adventures, Holly must defend her dying client Joe Grimaldi against attacks from those most dangerous of enemies … his friends and family!

Superimposed Chapter 8 by Diana Marsh 3

Superimposed Chapter 8

In this “must read” weekly installment of the community novel, the WWII cliffhanger from a previous chapter is resolved in a way that leaves many more questions.