Collaborate is an Action Verb.

Engage. Express. Interact. Learn. Create. Community-based art brings everyone together for a common goal.

Playing with Shadows

From decorative paper cutting to the world of art , one innovative artist, Lotte Reiniger, utilized this ancient craft to create some of the first animated films and has had a lasting influence on the art world.

Wassily Kandinsky

Look at the Pretty Pictures!

Where do artists get their ideas? Creativity in the arts comes from personal experience and a desire to visually express ideas about life in innovative ways.

Curate This!

Curate This! is a pilot program at the Sabatini Gallery in 2012 for high school students that have been recommended by their high school art instructors.

Have We Learned Anything?

I see an interesting connection between this sense of community responsibility in the mid-1900’s and today’s trends toward environmental protection and the growing “Lure of the Local” (Great book by Lucy Lippard).