Hoop Dreams Then and Now

Over 15 years ago a wonderful sports movie debuted.    I’m referring to the 1994 critically acclaimed documentary, titled Hoop Dreams.  The film has been called the best sports documentary ever, and consistently is rated in top 20 “best ever” lists.   If you have never seen the movie I strongly encourage you to obtain […]

Pirates, Jayhawks, and Overtime. Three Great Games to Remember

If you are a sports fan a few games stick out in your mind as special.  Maybe you even call them the best ever.  Depending on your taste and interest you no doubt have a favorite game, its all entirely personal.  My favorite game would be Game 6 of the 1985 World Series.  A few […]

A September Sports Weekend 2001

It has been eleven years now, that the world changed.  As I was sitting at my desk here at the Library, a co-worker came in and told me he had just heard on the radio that a plane had crashed into the one of the World Trade Center buildings. We know now the entire story […]

Munich 1972: The First Modern Olympics?

It was September 5, 1972. With my apologies to Don McLean this was the day the music died. With the Summer Olympic games only days away, my mind drifts back to the games of the Olympics held in 1972. Those days are fixed in my mind. I was a high school senior back then. Like most […]

Get in the Game. Summertime Activities in Topeka

Usually when I write on the Sports Blog it is about a game, a team, or a book I have read.   This time I want to do something a little different.  It’s about getting out and enjoying playing a sport.  Its summer time and and you need to get outside and play.   Thanks to the abundance […]

Some Great Books on Baseball–My Starting Nine

As someone who has probably read over 500 books on baseball over my lifetime it is a difficult task to pick my all-time favorites.  My starting lineup if  you will.  Over the past several years there have been some wonderful books written and available for you at TSCPL.   For example—Clemente by David Maraniss;  The Last […]

The NBA in the 21st Century

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield, once said in a monologue–“Last night I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”    Last month I went to watch my first NBA game since the mid eighties.  With apologies to Rodney Dangerfield, it was as if I had gone to a Chuckie Cheese, and finding out that a […]

“Elite Athletes Get their Heads in the Game”

  We’ve seen this scene daily on Sports Center..A star athlete stands at the free throw line.  The shot must be made or else the team loses, he lets the ball fly and clank the shot goes off the back of the rim. He choked the fans cry out. The next highlight comes up and we see a […]

Fearless Predictions for the Year 2012

Happy New Years!!!  The turn of the calendar brings  much promise.  New Years Resolutions are made and two weeks later gyms will return to the regular attendance schedule, and cigarettes sales will go back to normal. Not being cynical just passing on what prior experience has brought me.   But the  New Year is also a time for predictions so […]

Remembering the NFL’s Longest Game Ever

A few weeks ago Nathan posted about how a lot of his memories of Thanksgiving center on eating a lot and watching football on TV.  Well in that vein I wanted to copy the idea and give you my sports memory of Christmas Day. Unfortunately mine is not a happy memory.  First off there are not all that […]

My Country Comes First, Athletes Who Served in the Military

Each person who serves in the military makes a sacrifice. Here is a list of some of the notable athletes who stepped away from the life of an athlete to serve their country. These people, along with countless others, deserve to be in our thoughts this month as our nation honors veterans. Bob Feller. At the […]