Remember our Fallen Heroes. They are the Reason We Are Free

Over the next few days there will be several opportunities at TSCPL as well as in our community to remember, honor, and commemorate some important historical anniversaries. The first event to call to your attention is the Memorial Day Weekend ceremony to honor our communities World War soldiers on May 24 at 7 p.m. at […]

Root for the Home Team

Okay let’s face it happily the Kansas City Royals are a relevant team once again.  Last fall was a blast, and all sorts of new fans, young and old are wearing Royal Blue once again.   Personally I have been a die-hard fan of Kansas City Baseball since I was a child.  The predecessors to the Royals […]

Sports figures who had grit

I hope that you are finding time to enjoy the big event of the winter here at the Library.  This month marks the “Big Read” and people all over town are being invited to read and discuss the same book.  This years book as you no doubt know is the classic western novel  True Grit, […]

2014 World Series What a Experience

There are many sides to being a sports fan.  Often the best way I can describe the experience is like riding a bicycle.  It is a lot of fun, sometimes even an exhilarating rush, but sooner or later you are going to fall off that bike, and man does it hurt.  It hurts until you […]

Honoring Our Veterans–The Doughboys Write Home

On Wednesday November 5, plan to attend a day of honoring and recognizing the Veterans of our community.  For the past several years it has become customary to have on display an array of vintage restored military vehicles from World War I to the present day.  Beginning at 1:30 p.m. (weather permitting) there will be […]

The Thrill of It All – 1985 World Series

It has been a lifetime since the Kansas City Royals were in the Baseball Playoffs. If you know me at all then you know that I am about as steadfast of a Royals fan as you are going to find.

Luther Taylor’s Journey to the Majors

I recently re- read a wonderful book on baseball, “The Glory of Their Times”, by Lawrence Ritter. The author tells the story of baseball in the, dead ball era. The dead ball era, were the years after the turn of the century through the years just following World War I. This a wonderfully researched book. […]

Get in the Game

Usually when I write on the Sports Blog it is about a game, a team I like, or a book I have read. This time I want to do something a little different. It’s about getting out and enjoying playing a sport. Its summer and and you need to get outside and play. Thanks to […]

Nathanial Wood presents on World War I April 28

Journey through World War I April 28

Hear the true story of how an assassination brought about the first World War. At 7pm in Marvin Auditorium is where the action is.

The Game of Change

When the people of Starksville, Mississippi opened the sports page,  one morning in early March 1963 the locals were up in arms.  Fans of the Mississippi State Bulldogs should of been anticipating reading about the teams bid to the NCAA Tournament.  In the headlines of the sports page  was news about the Bulldogs upcoming opponent, the […]

Iwo Jima, Two Marines Remember

On March 5, 2014 at 7 :00 pm in the Marvin Auditorium, you are encouraged to attend a talk given by two Topekans, Jim Freel and L.C. Crouch.  Both are veterans of the United States Marine Corps, and who 69 years ago fought with courage and honor on the island of Iwo Jima.  This is […]

Whats in a number? Plenty!!!!

No matter what sport you enjoy either to play or watch, a big part of it includes numbers.   Sports is all about numbers; in the words of Billy Chapell in the movie For Love of the Game, in sports they count everything.  A touchdown is worth 6 points, it is always  90 feet from home plate […]