A Horrifying Legacy in Seeders

Isabelle Maguire is the heir of her estranged father’s estate which includes an isolated island where he lived alone and conducted scientific experiments. When Isabelle arrived at the island with her two sons and a teenage girl she met the other two heirs, Dr. Jules Beecher and Ginny Shufflebottom.

Murdered Dreams in Ghost Month

Jing-nan’s morning was shattered when he learned about the murder of his high school sweetheart, Julia. They had always planned to get married after he graduated from college, except he dropped out of college when his father and mother died and now runs a food stand in Taipei. Last he heard of Julia, she was at …

A Nice Little Place on the North Side

Wrigley Field’s Story in A Nice Little Place on the North Side

The perils of being a Chicago Cub fan are well known with the losing records and streaks that has plagued the team, but the Chicago Cubs also have Wrigley Field with its famous ivy covered backfield brick wall. Columnist George Will…

Seven Wonders

The Action Packed Adventure, Seven Wonders

Jeremy Grady was not supposed to be in the restricted research area at MIT, but he needed the equipment for his own research, and just as the data was coming together Jeremy was killed.

The Ways of the Dead

Power and Murder in The Ways of the Dead

A teenage girl is murdered in Washington D.C. but this is no ordinary case because she was the daughter of an important judge who is considered to be the next Supreme Court judge. The killing makes national news and puts newspaper reporter Sully Carter on the case.

Murder in the Vineyard in Grapes of Death

Elise Becketts’s family’s vineyard is being threatened by the black sheep of the family, Uncle Edmond, who is causing a stink after being excluded from Elsie’s father’s will. Edmond wants a big piece of the vineyard to sell…

The Devil's Workshop

The Murder Squad Returns in The Devil’s Workshop

Train cars crash into HM Prison Bridewell causing a wall to collapse and releasing some of London’s deadliest killers. Inspector Walter Day and Sargent Nevil Hammersmith are sent to investigate the accident and discover that the facts are not adding up and that the train crash might not be an accident but a planned escape.

Revenge and Betrayal in Half a King

Prince Yarvi might be the son of a warrior king but he is anything but a warrior, instead he was trained to be a minister and was never meant to be on the throne. Things changed for Yarvi when his father and brother were killed in an ambush and suddenly Yarvi was destined for the kingship.

Those Who wish Me Dead

Staying Alive in Those Who Wish Me Dead

Thirteen year old Jace Wilson was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he saw the Blackwell Brothers murder and dump a body. Jace is the only witness to their crimes and with his life in grave danger…

Auto Biography

A Car’s Life in Auto Biography

Tommy Arney is a fighter who despite having only a fourth grade education became a successful business man who owned both strip clubs and restaurants. Arney is also the thirteenth owner of a classic ’57 Chevy station wagon with something truly extraordinary: all the previous owners are known.

Finding Family in Dollbaby

Ibby Bell is twelve years old and her father has just died. Her mother decides to leave Ibby with her grandmother, Fannie, whom Ibby has never met. Ibby is a long way from her home in Washington when she is dropped off in New Orleans at Fannie’s with her father’s urn and no date set for her mother to pick her up.

Rural Noir in Dry Bones in the Valley

Officer Henry Farrell is still in mourning when he returns home to rural northeastern Pennsylvania. Things have changed since Farrell had been away with the sprouting up of meth labs and newfound wealth from gas drilling, but despite the changes Farrell’s job as an officer was routine until he discovers a murdered young man.